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Admin area is the place for administrators to peak into the database for user accounts, teams, subscriptions, and other important resources. Business Class implements a custom admin area separated by administrator privileges and featuring Mission Control and PgHero dashboards.


Any regular user can become an administror of a certain privilage which means you can easily hire support staff and administrators without giving them the most critial access in managing users and subscriptions.


You can list users from the admin, assign admin privileges, reset passwords, see API tokens, or sign-in as the user in question.


You can list teams, see their members, owners, and associated subscriptions.


You can list and manage active, paused, cancelled, and free subscriptions.


You can generate more resources using the built-in generator. Their admin CRUD views will be generated automatically. You can then edit them as usual as there is no DSL to learn.


Admin features a small-scale blog inspired by those of Hey World and Framer.


The dashboard section contains quick links to 3rd-party dashboards like Mission Control to manage Solid Queue and PgHero for peaking into PostgreSQL performance.