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Here’s how to start with Business Class.

Download the sources from Gumroad and follow the example first steps to be up and running.

First steps

Here are the first example steps to take after you download the Business Class sources.

  1. Create a new git project and add all template files to it.

     $ mkdir ~/my_app
     $ tar -xf ~/Downloads/template.tar -C ~/my_app
     $ git init .
     $ git add *
     $ git commit -am 'Initial commit'
  2. Install all development dependencies mentioned in docs/SETUP.md.

    Dependencies include Ruby, Node.js, and Docker. If you don’t want to use Docker Compose for services, install PostgreSQL and Redis yourself. Some additional system dependencies might be required.

  3. Rename the application to your liking with bin/rename_project:

     $ bin/rename_project BrandNewSaaS

    Choose a CamelCased name.

  4. Rename the teams feature to your liking with bin/rename_teams:

     $ bin/rename_teams Organization

    Choose Organization or Space.

  5. Reorganize I18n keys:

     $ i18n-tasks normalize

    This is necessary only if you rename teams to something else, but there is no harm in running the task.

  6. Run the tests and fix the files that were not renamed properly.

    Run all services:

     $ bin/dev

    And in a new window:

     $ bin/rails db:create db:migrate db:seed
     $ bin/rails assets:precompile
     $ bin/rails test:all
  7. Look around.

    Open localhost:3000 to see your brand new application!

  8. Commit your new changes.

    If you like what you ended up with, commit the new changes:

     $ git add *
     $ git commit -am 'Rename the application and teams'