A Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit for your next business idea.

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Main features

2FA authentication

Devise authentication with email confirmations, password resets, and a more secure two-factor authentication with OTP codes.


Team support with distinct team roles and an invitation system. Let invited users join with a registration or accept invitation after signing in.


There is no revenue unless you charge money. Business Class implements team subscriptions that team owners can start, stop, resume, and cancel.


Support new languages by providing the YAML translation files. English translation is provided and users can choose their timezone and locale.

Admin interface

A custom-built admin area to manage everything. Assign admin privilages for your support staff, admins, and super admins.

Developer experience

Meaningful seed data, sign-in-as in development, and a great documentation to make everything seemless as possible.

Take a seat, this was already built for you

Accounts with two-factor authentication

Start with more than just a password authentication. Start with account management that has email authentication, confirmations, password resets, and OTP codes from day one. All built with the open-source Devise framework and its plugins, so you'll feel at home.

Teams spaces and management

Business Class comes with team spaces that you can call Teams, Organizations, or Spaces, depending on your application. Each space and subscription are managed by team owners who can invite more members in. Email invitations can be accepted directly from the application or email links, and completely new users are accepted automatically during registration.

Subscriptions that handle VAT

Subscriptions will be the beating hearth of your new venture. This is how you'll earn money. Business Class comes with a minimal Paddle payment processor integration which will solve the European VAT overhead because Paddle acts as a merchant of record.

Your reccuring plans will be automatically pulled and offered when signing up for a new team or organization. You'll be then able to manage them from the admin area as well as move teams to a free subscription.


Hello, I am Josef Strzibny, a full-stack software engineer currently working as a senior Rails developer at Phrase. I am a long-time Rubyist with a passion for clean code and dependable test suite. You can follow me on Twitter.

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