Well thought-out features

Have a seat and relax, this was already built for you.



Devise authentication with email confirmations, password resets, and a more secure two-factor authentication with OTP codes.

Profiles with avatars

User profiles comes automatically with timezones and uploaded avatars.


Building an international venture? Business Class is i18n-ready and comes with English for default translations.

Terms of Service

Everybody needs to have Terms for their service. Business Class makes it super easy for users to confirm an updated terms when you change them.


Developer experience

Tailwind theme

A lightweigh pixel-perfect responsive theme is included. Just drop your logotypes, fonts, colors, and you have a custom theme in no time.

Docker Compose

Developing natively with services running in Docker Compose unlocks the right balance of comfort, speed, and convenience.

Powerful scaffolding

Build new features with a dedicated team-scoped generator that will quickly generate CRUD and admin with your own styling. And yes, with tests!

Quick sign-in as

A small but super ergonomic way to work with user roles in development. Stop retyping passwords or using clunky password managers.


An API controller with throlling and access token authentication is included. You only need to write your API.

Test coverage

Business Class has excellent test coverage across model, integration, and system tests to give you confidence to ship more.



Continues Integration

Upload your new code to your GitHub repository and enjoy automatic Continues Integration. Tests will just automatically run for your every git push.

Kamal deployment

A security-hardened single-server Kamal deployment configuration including a provisioning script. Run two commands to get you online.