Start your project with these 50+ features


  •   A new user can register
  •   An email address needs to be confirmed within a time period
  •   A login can be remembered
  •   A user can enable 2-factor authentication with OTP codes
  •   OTP can be set up with a QR code
  •   OTP can be set up with a manual provisioning code
  •   A user browser can be trusted for skipping OTP verification
  •   OTP recovery codes can be downloaded


  •   A user can choose the timezone
  •   A user can upload an avatar
  •   A user can change their email with reconfirmation
  •   A user can change their password

Terms of Service

  •   A user has to accept the terms of service
  •   A user has to reconfirm the terms if there are any changes


  •   The template is fully localized with i18n library
  •   English translations are provided out of the box
  •   Tasks to find missing and unused translations are provided
  •   Test suite fail on missing and unused translations

Developer Experience

  •   Docker Compose for databases with bin/dev
  •   Automatic tests on GitHub CI
  •   Option to choose an optimized Dockerfile
  •   Quick sign-in as on login form
  •   Develop with fake subscriptions


  •   A user can start new teams
  •   Teams come with owner and members roles
  •   A team owner can invite other team members
  •   Invitations can be accepted from the teams page
  •   Invitations can be accepted from an email
  •   New users can create an account upon accepting the invitation
  •   Rename teams to Spaces or Organizations


  •   Team owners can start, pause, resume, and cancel Paddle subscriptions
  •   Subscriptions plans are automatically fetched from Paddle
  •   Subscriptions changes are automatically updated with webhooks
  •   A free subscription can be offered
  •   A free subscription can be started by admins
  •   Team owners can see subscription charges in the team settings


  •   Admins can manage users, teams, and subscriptions
  •   Admins can resend password confirmations
  •   Admins can lock accounts
  •   Admins can access Sidekiq and PgHero dashboards


  •   Users can generate time-specific access tokens
  • Token comparisson is protected from time-sensitive attacks
  • API is protected with built-in throttling of requests