Forget international tax on your next Ruby on Rails startup.

Beat the market

Save yourself weeks of development time by skipping implementation of the basics and focus on delivering your MVP idea in no time.

Think global

Business Class is the only Ruby on Rails boilerplate focused solely on integration with Paddle payment provider which acts as your Merchant of Record.

Save up to $5000

Hiring a contractor or paying your team would cost you thousands of dollars. Pay as little as an equivalent of 2 hours of a developer time.

A story behind Business Class


If you are like me, you always avoided selling paid products.

Thinking about international taxes always made me feel uneasy. It was Gumroad which finally pushed me to build my first paid product. My book sold 900 copies to this day.

Paddle is a payment provider which acts as a merchant of record and collect international tax on your behalf. It's like Gumroad but for your SaaS.

Since my dream is to build a successful subscription business I built this Rails SaaS template around Paddle so you and me can finally shoot for the moon.



The template you choose for your new project should feel close to your heart.

Standard Rails

Business Class is built with all the common conventions and stays as close to vanilla Rails as possible. That means Hotwire, Active Storage or Minitest.

Just a template

Your product won't have any reference to Business Class whatsoever. No private gems, no Business Class named modules, nothing. This is your application.