Out-of-the-box deployment

Deploy with Kamal or choose a PaaS.

Online in a few of steps.

Self-hosting your SaaS was never easier. Follow a couple of steps in docs/DEPLOYMENT.md and your new application is up and running! You only need a domain name, a virtual private server, and a Docker registry.

mkdir ~/my_app
tar -xf ~/Downloads/template.tar -C ~/my_app
bundle install
bin/replace domainplaceholder.com ...
bin/replace ...
bin/replace reponame ...
kamal setup


Kamal is the new Capistrano for the container era. A simple tool you can understand in a day or two. Business Class takes advantage of this and comes with a complete single-server configuration and excellent docs to get you started.


Kamal deployment is just one part of the story. To make everything seemless, Business Class comes with bin/provision script that will bootstrap your virtual private server.

Managed hosting

If self-hosting is not your cup of tea, there are hosting tutorials for Fly.io and Render in the documentation.