To make money, you need to charge money. And the best validation for a grand new idea is certainly money on the table. But charging international customers was always a headache when it came to taxes. That's why Business Class implements Paddle payment provider who can act as a merchant of record and handle the taxes for you.

Paddle Billing

Focus on building your business and let Paddle handle the international tax for you.

Paddle is a well known and trusted payment provider who also acts as a merchant of records on behalf of their customers. That means you won't need to collect specific VAT information for lot of countries, including European Union and the United Kingdom.

Business Class supports the latest Paddle offering known as Paddle Billing. It's also first to support it for Rails.

Subscription plans

Business Class tries to stay pragmatic when it comes to the Paddle integration. Plans you create in Paddle are automatically fetched and offered to potential subscribers. Trial periods, the ability to pause a subscriptions as well as cancellations are supported. The subscription lifecycle follows what's in Paddle.

Free plans

Sometimes you want a free plan. Be it for yourself, your friends, or early adopters, you can switch a specific team space to a free plan outside of Paddle. Great for testing too.