Any Software as a Service business is more often than not sold to organizations or teams within one. Organizational or team spaces enable people from the same company working together in a dedicated space and are therefore a must-have for any B2B startup. Luckily, Business Class is built with team spaces at its core.

Team spaces

Users in Business Class are individuals who can join one or more team spaces. A team space might represent a team, the whole company or even a more abstract space. Since naming might be important for the application you are about to build, you can choose how you'll call your teams.

Renaming teams to organizations or spaces is as simple as running a premade script:

$ bin/rename_teams Organization

Remember that whatever name you choose, team spaces are tight to subscriptions.

Team roles

Teams are not just dedicated spaces but also comes with roles. Business Class starts with two roles; one for a regular member and one for administrators. Administrators can manage other members and the team subscription.


Team owners can invite other users to their teams. New users can then register from an email invitation while existing ones can also accept the invitation within the application.