License Single Unlimited
Number of projects 1 in production Unlimited
2FA authentication Yes Yes
Teams Yes Yes
Subscriptions Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes
Admin Yes Yes
Updates Current version Current version
Price $249 $699


Can I use the single license more times?

Single license permits one product in production. If your product is not successful and you want to build something else after that, you can use the same license.

How does updates work?

Business Class is just a template, so you simply get access to a newer version of the template. You'll get all updates for the current major version for free.

Do you offer support?

I am always just an email or direct message away to help you understand any issue you might have. If something is not properly documented I'll fix it with an update.

Do you offer refunds?

I am currently not offering automatic refunds due to the nature of the product, but I'll consider partial refunds in special cases.

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