Build and deploy a startup
this very weekend.

Business Class is a SaaS template with subscriptions,
SEO-optimized blog, and built-in Kamal deployment.

A next-generation Ruby on Rails template

The famous Rails framework compresses the complexity of modern applications, and Business Class takes it one step further by making it easy to start a SaaS over a weekend.


Choose the most loved Stripe payment processor, or Paddle Billing, which acts as a Merchant of Record.


Stop setting up separate blogs to validate a simple idea. Business Class has a SEO-optimized blog with cover images from the start.

Single-server deployment

Deploy your new application quickly with a security-hardened provisioning and Kamal configuration.

Online in a few of steps.

You only need a domain name and a $5/mo virtual private server.

mkdir ~/my_app
tar -xf ~/Downloads/template.tar -C ~/my_app
bin/rename_project LeadsManager
bin/rename_teams Organization
bundle install
bin/rails g crud Firm name:string
bin/rails g crud Lead name:string firm:references
kamal setup
Buy for $169 →
One-time payment. Unlimited projects.

Take a seat and relax, this was already built for you.